Rework: Tempy Setup

Start the conversation with a Tempy!
Most advanced Temporary Voice-Channel Creation.
Give your members their own place to talk.

Founded by ARealWant, Partly Developed by Mihito

What is Tempy?

Tempy is a Discord bot which allows your community (after you set Tempy up) to join a custom Voice channel (the creation channel), joining it will create a new temporary channel which is editable by the one who joined the creation channel before.

Should nobody be in the certain channel anymore, it'll get deleted automatically. They will never be any empty channels, they will never be dozen of unused & ugly voice channels.

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Reworked Tempy Setup

Nothing about Tempy is more exhausting and time-consuming to programme, to design and to test than the Setup Command. It took us about three days to finish the Setup Command perfectly, it was very time-consuming and stressful.

However, we have done it and can now present you the completely renewed Setup Command from Tempy!

The Setup Start

The setup is working with text- and with reactions as a response. You'll have to pick between "Make an existing channel a creation channel", "Tempy should create a creation channel" and "Remove an existing creation channel". The last option isn't shown if they are no creation channels set at all. The first two aren't shown if you reached the maximum of creation channel.

The Setup Process

Make an exisiting channel a creation channel

Tempy should create a creation channel

As you can see here, the embed dynamically adapts to your selection or ideas at any time, is super easy to use, has a much improved design and has been adapted to the wishes and ideas of the community.


You want to start using Tempy? Make your server and your channels looks way better, tidier and more sorted than before, with a bot programmed by developers who gave their best, their best in designing and programming? Then go ahead. Invite Tempy, you won't regret it.

Clicking the Tempy logo above will redirect you to the official website of the Tempy Bot

Written by Abdu Ibrahim