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Founded by ARealWant, Partly Developed by Mihito

What is Tempy?

Tempy is a Discord bot which allows your community (after you set Tempy up) to join a custom Voice channel (the creation channel), joining it will create a new temporary channel which is editable by the one who joined the creation channel before.

Should nobody be in the certain channel anymore, it'll get deleted automatically. They will never be any empty channels, they will never be dozen of unused & ugly voice channels.

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Tempy Sessions [BETA]

We have worked on the session update (0.9.4) and we now give everyone the possibility to save the settings they have set in their temp channel. After these are saved, the user has the possibility to retrieve their settings at any time on any server. So you never have to set annoying settings and change things again.

The stored settings can be called up and queried/saved at any time via Command. Users can also reset the session, set up their channel and save the session again.

After the user saves the settings, the saved session is retrieved whenever the user creates a new Temp Channel. Example: Mihito has a Temp Channel, has blocked ARealWant and set the user limit to 10. If Mihito now leaves the channel and creates a new one, all settings are immediately applied and set.

Use via commands is made as simple as possible. We will develop a main command for this feature called session, with this command you can view the current saved settings. With the command session save you can save the current session (if an old one already exists it will be replaced). With the session reset command you can easily delete or reset the last saved session. This way, the next time a channel is created, the settings defined by the server owner will be used.


You want to start using Tempy? Make your server and your channels looks way better, tidier and more sorted than before, with a bot programmed by developers who gave their best, their best in designing and programming? Then go ahead. Invite Tempy, you won't regret it.

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Founder and Writer Abdu Ibrahim, Partly Developed by Maximilian Lotz