The Tempy Discord Bot

Start the conversation with a Tempy!
Most advanced Temporary Voice-Channel Creation.
Give your members their own place to talk.

Founded by ARealWant, Partly Developed by Mihito

Tempy is a Discord bot which allows your community (after you set Tempy up) to join a custom Voice channel (the creation channel), joining it will create a new temporary channel which is editable by the one who joined the creation channel before.

The user who owns the channel can change the name, the user-limit and more. Should your server have 2fa enabled and the user not, they won't be able to edit the channel via the Discord settings. We've already think about this. Every user who owns a temporary channel can edit everything also with commands, they are even some extra commands like blocking other users from the channel, hiding the channel and more.

Should nobody be in the certain channel anymore, it'll get deleted automatically. They will never be any empty channels, they will never be dozen of unused & ugly voice channels.


I had the idea to publish Tempy at the end of 2020, I have already developed quite the most (atleast the essential stuff). Before finally publishing Tempy I had more ideas everyday, things I couldn't handle by my own. The website, the bot sites, the marketing, the support and more -- so I've decided to work on Tempy with Mihito together. Since then the development makes more fun, things are getting done faster and better than before and even the community started growthing more and more since then.

Now we are here - still working hard to get Tempy big, still trying to do our bests without letting people pay for it, without big paywalls. Everybody should be able to use Tempy without paying for it. We are thinking about the Tempy Premium development for a longer time, but for now on they aren't any restrictions. However, it is currently still unclear when Tempy Premium will be able.

We have noted very fast that they're lots of Discord bots similiar as Tempy which are mostly copy-cats, having a bad design, having a very like very-- big paywall or being just unprofessionelly programmed at all.


You want to start using Tempy? Make your server and your channels looks way better, tidier and more sorted than before, with a bot programmed by developers who gave their best, their best in designing and programming? Then go ahead. Invite Tempy, you won't regret it.

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